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Inspiring La Joie de Vivre with the Cultivated Joys of Fine Wine

Internationally acclaimed as a cosmopolitan showcase of exquisite taste in fine and rare wines, Pantheon Wine Shoppe abounds with epicurean epiphanies. Our savoir faire transcends simplistic wine reviews and buzz words.

We first listen diligently to our customers’ desires and then, enlighten them with relevant, enriching insights on each of our wine recommendations. Proper pronunciation, ideal serving suggestions and fascinating historical context weave a colorful tapestry of cultivated wine appreciation, empowering our clientele to serve their personal wine selections with great confidence and flair.

Prestigious fine wine producers from around the world value Pantheon’s philosophy so much, they reward it with very generous allocations of their crown jewels each year, as well as exclusive access to their libraries of older vintages.

Numerous publications, including the prestigious Decanter Magazine of London, have featured Pantheon Wine Shoppe’s founder, Johnson Ho, for his wine expertise and many retail innovations over the past thirty years. Market Watch Magazine recognized him as “The Windy City’s Wizard of Wine” for his merchandising mastery. With over a million miles travelled visiting top wineries around the globe, Johnson has tasted over one hundred thousand wines, attended countless educational events and befriended hundreds of wine luminaries. With an elite European and American education, multi-lingual and scientific training along with a life-long passion for superb taste, his class and expertise engenders La Joie de Vivre with fascinating panache. Hundreds of patrons have implicitly trusted Johnson’s prescient advice for over 20 years.

Johnson’s elegantly designed wine cellars grace the homes of the rich and famous across the country. His sophisticated talent for creating fabulous layouts while optimizing functionality distinguishes all of his cellars. With his expert guidance many of these private wine cellars contain world-class wine collections that he personally sourced from great estates around the globe; a true Wine Impresario.

Johnson Ho's Pantheon Wine Shoppe: composing resonant symphonies for all of your senses. Come for a taste and savor more than just digital wine scores!

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